Welcome to Holiday Pageants

Where young boys, girls and young ladies of all ages exhibit personality, poise, grace and a flair for modeling on stage.
Come experience a pageant where every child  is treated with respect.  Our goal is to ensure participants have a fun pageant experience.

Our goal and moral standards will remain the same. We pride ourselves that we provide the fairest pageant system possible.  To give our contestants lots of chances to win awards that have been designed to offer something for everyone.
Holiday Pageants is a pageant system that has focus on facial beauty, stage projection, attire and modeling ability along with personality.
Sometimes we give donations from the door entries to different foundations.

Our gorogeous Crowns and Tiaras and momogrammed sashes are specially designed for each pageant theme.

We will continue to upgrade our site to bring you the most interactive web site possible.

If you would like to be on our Pageant Mailing List, please email me with the contestants name and address as well as your phone number.

Your personal information will never be revealed.
Placing the children first.

Any pictures taken at the pageants may be posted on our website.  The names of the contestants will not be posted

We trust that the information written on our registration forms are honest and up to date.
However if someone brings an age problem at our attention, the contest that is questioned will have to prove their age  to be placed in the the proper age group.

As with all of our pageants we do not refund.

Email with any questions:  info@holidaypageants.com

Thank you

Sister pageant to Royalty Productions and Reni' Productions